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Below are samples of the type of sites we can design for you.

Each site is unique, and all designs are open to each and everyone's individual requirements. We guarantee all our clients exclusive use of their HTML, logo type, and backgound graphic.

The completed sites below are examples of sites we have designed for small businesses, and personal pages, plus ... all sites are copyrighted!

Feel free to contact any of our clients personally in regards to our services.


The websites below are exclusive to, and the copyright of the owner
of each site and are displayed as a sample of our work only!

Click on each link to take you to each site.


Epsom Palms Caravan World     colours - Greens/Orange
Eric Musgrove - Jumps Trainer (Under construction)     colours - Red/white/Grey
Hamilton Islannd Waters     colours - Greens/Grey
Kiwi Locations     colours - Earth Colours
Melbourne CBT     colours - Blue/Green/White
Mornington Lodge Boarding Kennel &Cattery     colours - Blue/White
Peecor Courier service     colours - Greens
SaferConcepts     colours - Black/Orange/Yellow
Veronia Staub - Psychologist     colours - Plum/Teale/White
Wyndora - 4 in one website     colours - Multi/White


Aspen Boxers     colours - Black/White
Cambria Dobermans     colours - Greens/White
Dobersmith Dobermanns     colours - Blue/Red/White
Inmuz Jack Russells     colours - Apricot/Gold
Intrends Boxers     colours - White/Apricot/Grey
Jocar Boxers     colours - Gold
Joymont Cairn Terriers     colours - Blue/Green/White
Loujay Boxers     colours - Blues
Mannix Boxers     colours - Blue/Green/White
Raevon Boxers     colours - Blue/White
Raevon Pugs     colours - Blue/White
Street Boxers     colours - Greens/White
Stonewood Dobermans     colours - Mauve/Green/White
Sunbury Canine Club     colours - Green/White/& Multi
Taratan Boxers     colours - Tan/Gold
Thasrite Boxers     colours - Greens/White
Trisetter Gordon Setters     colours - Gold/White


Horses at Auction(Horse Rescue)     colours - Blue/White
Pugs SOS (Pug Rescue)     colours - Seaside colours
Hound Information     colours - Mushroom
The Worldwide Boxer     colours - Blue/White
Victorian Boxer Assoc.     colours - Blue/White/Gold
Vic Judges Information     colours - Blues/White

Feel free to contact any of the above clients personally in regards to our services.


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