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We specialise in professional, world class web design at an affordable price, catering for every need, from the personal or hobby homepages to small business websites!

A well designed website will give you 24 hour a day, 7 day a week exposure to people world wide.

If you have a business, or a hobby and want people to see what you have to offer, or have accomplished, then a web presence is the best value for your dollar ..... as as long as your hosting and domain name remain current your web pages will always be there for people to access ... and can be updated at anytime!!!

Compare the cost of a well designed website to the cost of brochure, magazine or Radio/TV advertising, and I am sure you will see the benefit. A website is the most cost efficient way to spread the word about your business or hobby.   On a website you may tell the world as much or as little as you want!


At Webpage World we pride ourselves on producing fast loading, well designed, internet friendly, world class web sites or home pages for every need.

See our Portfolio for many examples of our work, but whatever your online requirements may be, we have the answer.   At Webpage World we present a complete range of quality internet design, word processing services and computer software design and support at very competitive rates.

For your online presence we offer .....
  • DOMAIN NAMES - Very Competitive rates
  • WEB HOSTING - For large or small businesses
  • ONLINE STORES - eCommerce solutions
  • UPDATES WHEN NEEDED - Maintains the site's freshness
  • UNLIMITED PAGES - Dynamic websites
  • SITE STATISTICS - Keep track of who's visiting
  • SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION - Over 1000 search engines
  • MORE....!
We guarantee THE BEST PRICE on the market for all your online needs!


At Webpage-World, Ian has been in the computer industry as a Systems Analyst for over 30 years and Judy has been in the computer industry for over 20 years. Our expertise has been in software design and support, system analysis, word processing and website and graphic design.

As Judy is also a trained Colour Consultant as well as a Graphic Artist, our clients are assured of obtaining a stunning result.


At Webpage-World we are extremely proud of our work and our clients from all over the world have been delighted with the results of their websites.  Feel free to contact them in regards to our services.

At Webpage World we guarantee that you will be completely happy with your webpage design or we will give you your money back!


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