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As was stated earlier there are some Hounds that are multi purpose or utility hounds - bred in their country of origin to perform multiple tasks. Although they can be used for a specific task they are capable of hunting using more than one sense.

The Pharaoh Hound is a sighthound that also uses scent and hearing to hunt. He has been in Malta and Gozo for over 2000 years where he is used for rabbit hunting and protecting the houses. He doesn't have the speed of the Greyhound, as he is rather heavier but his staying power and endurance is far superior. He has been known to course a wild deer to a standstill.

Ibizan Hounds are used on the island of Ibiza for hunting rabbits and other small game. The shortage of food on this tiny island at one time made it necessary for the inhabitants to have a dog of great stamina and keen hunting instincts who would help in acquiring food. The Ibizan Hounds are renowned for these traits. He is very different. He must have the ability to jump without a takeoff run to twist midair and the ability to turn very short in mid-flight. The short straight shoulder blade allows the direct jump without a take off run as do the less angulated hind legs. The front paws may be slightly turned out, but must not be weak. The front dew claws must be left on as they are used for work on loose stone or hilly ground hence the long pastern to keep it from damage. The feet are hare feet, well padded with fur and well arched. The foregoing construction is the reason why the hound is able to jump up to eight feet without a takeoff run and to clear hedges and ditches as an extra bound without checking his flight.

The hover in his gait allows for the spring, changing direction as the need arises when working. I have actually seen an Ibizan spring straight up in the air when we had one visiting for a weekend, and at the time we had some wire on the ground to stop our Basenjis digging holes in one particular area of the lawn. This Ibizan was trotting along and suddenly stepped on the wire. He made one tremendous spring straight up into the air, and I would have had trouble believing it if I'd not seen it myself.
Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is also a sight and scent hound, and was developed as a protection dog as well as a hunting dog. They were not used for killing lions, but would track the lion silently then hold it at bay until the hunter could close in and take aim. They usually work in packs and bay the lion by darting in to make daring feints and lunges, then twisting and turning out of the way, often making prodigious leaps in the process. This harassment would confuse the lion and keep it contained enabling the hunter to choose the right moment to fire. Therefore, to protect himself from the lions he must be built properly.

The Bluetick Coonhound is an intelligent, cold-nosed hunter, (that is the ability to smell and track old, cold trails) that trees hard and long. He has the ability and endurance to stay on the most intricate track. He is a free tonguer on the trail with a medium bawl or bugle voice when striking and trailing. This changes to a steady chop when running and a steady course chop at tree.

Bluetick Coonhound

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